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The purpose of these photographs is to tell fellow Masons that these two are 'one.' Beneath the photograph was a caption containing the following odd language: "The proper handshake,' she wrote, 'is made briefly...

Sometimes your hand and theirs do not quite meet and clasp as you and they intended. With these caveats in mind, let us take a look at the secret handshakes of the Illuminati. (NOTE: The following article by Englishman Christopher Story was originally published in the Economic Intelligence Review, (Westminster, England) and was reprinted in Des Griffin's Midnight Messenger (May/June 2004).

In that instance, Clinton was demonstrating, for those "in the know," just who was boss, and how high up in the geomasonic stratosphere he is (right at the top).

The "grip" in question was a Ma-Ha-Bone Lion's Paw Grip, which leaves the junior party in no doubt who's in charge (and in pain as a consequence).

The handshake, or grip, is a sign of unity, oneness of purpose and allegiance or devotion to joint cause.

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It is considered a bond, or seal, of acknowledgment between Illuminist brethren.

Freemason Shimon Peres, who was educated by Jesuits as a youth in Poland and was the Prime Minister of Israel and that nation's Minister of Foreign Affairs, is being welcomed to the Council on Foreign Relations, based in New York's Harold Pratt House, by its Chairman of the Board, fellow Illuminist, Peter G. Pat Robertson meets with Red Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji in 1998.