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09-Feb-2020 06:51

It's not nearly as much fun as a serial killer movie should be.

My favorite scene is one that Tarl didn't cap, surprisingly.

I recall it as yet another flick with great unrealized potential.

There is one fairly decent rape scene and one where he forces a girl on girl.

But it squanders too many opportunities to deserve anything more than a C. Wonder Woman makeover: Personally, I'm not a superheroine fan, but even I could appreciate how well Lynda Carter filled out her costume on TV. That's why there's seldom any explicit rape scenes made anymore, and the worst treatment is going to be reserved for men.

Galt is right when he mentions what a mistake it would be to change an icon like Wonder Woman for what is perceived to be a change in today's audiences. I don't like it; I think it's stupid, but that's what sells in this day and age.

Some of the pics show her stripped and fondled in that position.

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That's as much as I can tell you, based on the picture series.

Naturally, the occupants of the house are fine young women who eventually are forced to get naked.

But get this - they are forced to have sex with each other.

--Since scarves are one of our primary fetish items, blindfolds gave us something else to use one for.

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--When we first started out I was still somewhat worried about being recognized so there was the disguise aspect of the blindfold.A poster to the Boilerplant group put it succinctly when he heard the news: Two words.... I also think it's a waste of time to speculate on who's going to star in a proposed new movie and whether she'll be tied up or not. It's not gonna be a different in this case, either.