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06-May-2020 02:01

Made in large volumes it is very common and generally very cheap to buy.

Indeed, in addition to new, still-in-production decorative items, most of the Poole items that you will see for sale on e Bay and in auction houses are tablewares of little value.

Poole Freeform patterns were applied to a wide range of shapes, many of which were designed by Alfred Read and Guy Sydenham, two of Poole Pottery’s most creative talents Poole set up a semi-independent studio within the factory in 1958 to produce studio pottery.

During the 1920s Poole used the influences and styles of mediterranean peasant pottery for their own modern ornamental wares.The American company was founded in Roseville, Ohio in April 1910.Roseville was chosen as the area was rich with clay, and the land was given to the company free of charge in recognition of the employment opportunities and revenue it would bring to the area.Poole have become one of the leading factories producing art pottery alongside their tablewares and this has made them a very collectable factory.

Art pottery manufacturers and designers tend to specialise in different things and in some cases it is novel shapes or surface patterns, in others the emphasis is on glaze effects.

As well as being influenced by outside artists, Poole Pottery also produced some of their own designers who went on to produce innovative and modern designs.