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Several churches in Downtown Cleveland are of notable architecture, including the Romanesque Revival Broad Street United Methodist Church, the First Presbyterian Church on Ocoee Street, and St.

Luke's Episcopal Church, which was built in the Gothic Revival style by architect Peter Williamson.

Central Cleveland encompasses the business district and surrounding residential area including the Stuart Heights, Centenary Avenue, and Annadale neighborhoods.

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Cleveland is divided into five major regions: Central Cleveland (also called Downtown Cleveland), Northern Cleveland (also called North Cleveland), Western Cleveland, East Cleveland, and South Cleveland.

Many of the buildings currently standing in the downtown area, including those in the Centenary Avenue Historic District, were constructed between 18.

In 1918, the Church of God, a Christian denomination headquartered in Cleveland, established a Bible school that would eventually become Lee University.

Numerous factories were also established, including the Hardwick Stove Company in 1879, the Cleveland Woolen Mills in 1880, and the Cleveland Chair Company in 1884.

By 1890, the city was home to nine physicians, twelve attorneys, eleven general stores, fourteen grocery stores, three drug stores, three hardware stores, six butcher shops, two hatmakers, two hotels, a shoe store, and seven saloons.Cleveland's Chamber of Commerce was established in 1925.

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