Dating a man that lives swinging lifestyle

23-Aug-2020 11:43

But it’s not the lack of purpose that’s the problem. We assume that our purpose, our goal needs to be something enormous and monumental, but it doesn’t.

It just needs to be something you are passionate about. Building your life around what you consume is no small part of why you feel so empty inside.

And as the things we rely on get “disrupted” and our labor is shifted further and further towards gigs and makework… Couple that with that sense that the old guideposts of manhood have been revealed as being hollow and we feel that lack of purpose gnawing at us like a hunger. In no small part, the issue is that we think too big.

Our economy is in shambles, but Millennials are viewed as being lazy and irresponsible; there’s no tragically noble poverty of the Great Depression to eulogize. Our jobs increasingly leave us feeling meaningless and unimportant.

There is no great cause waiting for us, no spiritual quest to strive towards. Our economy has moved further and further away from building and making things as machines take over for us.

It’s not something you can point to, something about which you can say “this will be the mark I left on the world”.

Instead, you want your purpose to be something that you can build and create with your own two hands – metaphorical or literal.When it seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a new story about men’s bad behavior or a parade of hot takes about men being the worst, it can leave otherwise well-meaning men feeling put upon simply because of their gender.

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