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Though he did not claim the title of the Shah, he retained many of the Shah's powers.He initiated a number of progressive policies, including the expansion of the rights of women.Lynette's dirty tricks to rival pointlessly with Tom's classy girlfriend over a Halloween costume for Penny backfire.Bree is stunned to learn who dug up Alejandro; Lynette spreads untruths about Jane to Penny; Gabrielle and Carlos must convince Lee and Bob that Juanita and Celia aren't the bad seeds that they used to be; Susan desperately searches her inner self.Carlos and Susan start talking, which they never did before, making Mike think they're having an affair; Lee turns Renée into an unlikely mother figure for Jenny; Lynette grows suspicious of Lydia and her fiancée.Bree enjoys helping Ben prepare for his social real estate development building project, until she discovers it's on the very spot where the gang buried Gaby's stepfather.Mc Cluskey, who is suffering from terminal cancer, asks Bree to help put an end to her life.

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The 1000 Afghani features the Mosque of Mazar-e Sharif.

He suppressed the radical Islamic fundamentalists, whose leaders found refuge in Pakistan and who were supported encouraged by the Pakistan government.