Dating pershore

24-Jul-2020 07:39

1950s grinders barrow, fully restored and owned by Gypsy Bert (Smith).He used to sit peddling away, wearing his bowler hat and waistcoat, sharpening tools and knives, etc. Romany's Vardo 1921 - 1943 Belonged to the BBC Radio broadcaster Rev George Bramwell Evens, who is most famous for his broadcasts on BBC Children's Hour 'Out With Romany' programmes.Before NATS vacated the site there had been some discussion about the wall mounted mosaic, described by those with arts and craft interests as a rare example of a 1960’s naive mosaic of artistic merit and value.Nothing was ever determined as to its merit before closure.

Anyone who had any occasion to visit the old 1960s building that hosted the College of ATC at Hurn will remember two items of decor, the wall mounted naive mosiac in the entrance hall and the display of flags of those nations who had been trained at CATC and its predecessor the School of ATC (see CA11a and CA12 below).

Fully functional vehicle for 1 or 2 people or a nice addition to any collection.

The Famous Writer Roald Dahl's Vardo One of Roald Dahl's sisters acquired this van in the 1950s, and he took it over in 1960.

Its location and layout are shown on the 1889 map below: Sleaford workhouse site, 1889.

After 1930, the workhouse became a Public Assistance Institution and was later known as Slea View. Special thanks to Maria Forrest and the Forrest family of Kent, who are kindly helping with the family history, and to Tony Lewery, all of which is greatly appreciated.