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12-Jul-2020 13:03

An employee who transfers from a position earning vacation leave to a 9-month faculty position will be paid for the current vacation leave balance at the time of transfer to a maximum of 176 hours.

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Persons appointed to unclassified faculty positions of less than 12 months do not accrue vacation leave.

A supervisor may deny the request of an exempt employee for time away from work for less than a half day or may require the employee to be away from work and use a half day or full day of sick leave if it is in the best interest of the department or for repeated absences of less than one-half day.

The department/unit head may require the employee to provide medical certification that the employee is unable to work before sick leave is approved.

Faculty on sabbatical leave earn proportionate to the pay status during that leave in accordance with Kansas Board of Regents policy (KBOR).

Sick leave continues to accrue throughout eligible employment without any limit being applied.For most leave programs, eligible unclassified employees must be in a regular or term contract position and university support staff must be in a non-temporary position requiring at least 1000 hours per year.

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