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Just consider poor Charlotte Vale in the novel , writhing in agony when Jerry notices that she is wearing the scent he gave her.

People have asked me for advice on writing nonfiction online, so here are some tips: 1.

But other times you actually have to vary the reading experience. Include links, so that the never-ending stream of black text on white background is broken up with some pretty blue. Play around with flow and variety, but never break the flow in a jarring way. Usually this involves using the same structure to call attention to certain differences.

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Finishing a paragraph or section gives people a micro-burst of accomplishment and reward. It could be as simple as: Notice the underlined words holding up the structure of the argument.It helps them chunk the basic insight together and remember it for later. Not only is the argument nice and tight, but the role of each part in the whole is telegraphed beforehand.