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31-Mar-2020 11:19

The dye from the material ran bright red against the yellow raft.

In an offended hostess voice, I reminded her that, as a guest, she was welcome to use whatever she needed.

Different brands' slogans, commercial copy, pseudotext from instructional pamphlets, etc: I'm even absorbing the worry (Rely), Because, millions of women have and you can, too, doing all of the things I can do the rest of the month, enjoying favorite activities like tennis and swimming without worry! Once at the beach, my friend's 'friend' came early and caught her unprepared.

The Canadian flag is white with a large red maple leaf. It's not Easter but the rabbit's celebrating anyway.

'I'm using what's in those little square boxes.' Of course, when the jerk from accounting approaches, a wise woman mentions tampons by name, directly, and loud enough for him to hear while he has time to turn and run. Heavy periods meant evacuating all of the mice (due to extreme flooding, of course).

Kelly who is the hottie cheerleader of Bayside and Zack's love interest.… continue reading »

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