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After moving in with her real mom, Laura had some trouble adjusting to being away from Barbara.Lesley would then take her back to the Vinings but she couldn't forget her. He'd help her come to terms with the fact the Lesley loved her just as much as Barbara.Mikkos tries to force them to surrender by threatening to freeze the entire world, starting with Port Charles.Luke is able to stop the freezing process with the password "Ice Princess." When they get back home, Laura files for a divorce with Scotty so she and Luke can plan their wedding.Upon returning to Port Charles, Laura admitts she was married after being hounded by reporters, breaking Luke's heart.She goes on the search for Scott who had also run off but keeps bumbing into Luke.

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While working at ELQ Enterprises, the couple learns of the Ice Princess.

When Laura couldn't remember what happened, Lesley took the blame and claimed to the police that she had killed David in self-defence when he had tried to rape her.