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However, when you reach a point where you’re consistently doing more than ,000 or ,000 in card processing per month, a traditional merchant account may become more cost-effective.A merchant account will give you the personalized service and attention that Pay Pal doesn’t offer.Pay Pal simplifies this by offering a free Transparent Redirect tool.You’ll also have to handle quarterly scans and periodic audits.

However, this does mean you’ll have to deal with PCI compliance.It’s just a percentage plus a flat fee per transaction, with no monthly subscription.Customers are routed to Pay Pal’s site to enter their payment information before finishing the transaction, but you’re 100% PCI compliant as a result.This is awesome if you want to add Pay Pal as a supplemental option for your existing setup.

Standard is a basic payment processing plan for merchants who don’t already have a way to accept payments on their website.Your customers don’t even need a Pay Pal account…though odds are good they have one.