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10-Feb-2020 14:09

Cheers You will not be able to do that with an unbound checkbox (on a continuous or datasheet form).If you try it, you'll find that checking any record checks them all.Often times today we will see these alleged “secure email providers” crumble after one legal request and nuke your mailbox, giving you no way to recover your email.This is something Hushmail won’t do, they are established and have designed a mailbox keeping your privacy in mind!Then you could use a Form with an imbedded subform to display the information.Hi, I need to create a form that can do the following: 1) Show multiple records per form (Like datasheet view maybe?

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With Tutanota’s relentless work they are working on an encrypted calendar this year, making this a a serious provider, not someone to close shop after one law enforcement request.Even when Tutanota was forced by a German court order to turn over data, they could only hand over encrypted data, and had absolutely no way of reading or decrypting such information.