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We went through high school together although he, being a Boulder Hill kid, wasn’t someone I hung around with.

But he walked into the gym with the rest of us on graduation night in May 1964 after which so many of us went our own ways.

But his first love was still the Fox River and fishing and he eventually decided to see if he could make a career out of it, which he managed to do by becoming a college-educated fisheries biologist working for the Illinois Department of Conservation. He knew that I had a pretty strong interest in the Fox River, too, especially in our local environmental hero who called himself “The Fox.” So when I needed some technical background for stories I was doing on the river or its tributaries, Bob was my go-to source.

(Photo courtesy of the Illinois-Wisconsin Fishing Blog) His first and greatest passion was fishing, something to which he had devoted (as near as I could tell) his entire adult life, and most of his childhood, too.Many of my friends are passionate people, and all are interesting.But only a few have made the kind of lasting impression on his community and region due to his passion that Bob Rung did.So Bob strongly advocated for their removal, something we were able to help push along down at the newspaper.

Today, fish can easily swim upstream to spawn, something that has had an extremely positive impact on the Fox River.Friends of the Fox River organize an American Water Willow planting project in the summer of 2015.