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25-Mar-2020 04:18

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As a result, it is the most efficient way to access databases.However, because SQL syntax may vary for different databases, using Yii DAO also means you have to take extra effort to create a database-agnostic application. Below are some examples: Tip: Sometimes you may want to execute some queries right after the database connection is established to initialize some environment variables (e.g., to set the timezone or character set).Any subsequent transactions will get the same isolation level even if you do not specify any.When using this feature you may need to set the isolation level for all transactions explicitly to avoid conflicting settings.However we have ‘date’ datatype in mysql for these fields so the dates are automatically trimmed and saved in DB perfectly.

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For example, The yii\db\Command::execute() method returns the number of rows affected by the SQL execution.

Here in this case we are having File Monitoting System . So in the admin view of the main table (here say it is files) then the path would be application_folder/protected/views/files/, Open the file in which we have a CGrid View defined already First note the user about this simple action, the below statements is for that purpose only Select same file number inward list by clicking the check boxes beside inward numbers and then click new button “Update ALL” give all the required fields and click save Then we need a Button with label “Update ALL” in our view, ‘inw_no’, Now the check box is added to the gridview. The Action Part: We have defined the action for the Update ALL button in our view now we have to write the action in our controller i.e., inward controller. r=inward/updateall) ////////////////////////////////// UPDATE ALL //////////////////////////////////////////////////// public function action Updateall() //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 3.

The Inward section receives more than 200 files daily and in which some files belongs to same section with same PR Number so instead of updating each file and giving the file number and forwarding to section, User can simply select the files and update the selected files at once. Finally the Update All view has to be created with the fields which are common for the files.

ie., in our views/app_folder///////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////// Today I faced problem with validating date fields .

I am accepting date using CJui Date Timepicker it is working fine, but when I gave regular expression to validate a date field. The main cause for the above situation is the Date Picker picking up date and a space appended to the date at the end of date.Otherwise, if an exception will be triggered and caught, the roll Back() method is called to roll back the changes made by the queries prior to that failed query in the transaction.