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07-Sep-2020 08:00

"And then it turned into more studios, and more sessions, so in the end it was six or seven sessions and it became so differentiated," he explains.Nearly half the album was recorded by Steve Albini in L. and at his Electrical Audio studio in Chicago, while closing track "And, Goodnight" -- a 12-minute, jammed-out revisiting of Segall's 2013 song "Sleeper" -- was done in Memphis with Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell.

[, 1999] I was like, ‘No we don’t need some alternative persona.’ But it became sort of, ‘Let’s just make it as different and wild as possible,’ just a free project with no rules."Anyone who’s followed the ascent of one of America’s most vital indie rock musicians over the past eight years would hardly consider Ty Segall an artist overly constrained by rules.Above, check out a cut from the comp, "Bullet Proof Nothing"; we have the tracklist below.